The story behind ReplicArt

In 2020, two Parisians and one New Yorker came together to create ReplicArt.

We offer hand painted canvases of famous works at an affordable price, making the joy of art accessible for all. 

Digital prints lack the beauty and vibrancy of brushstroke textures. As art aficionados, the 3 friends went on a quest to find true oil painting reproductions.

They discovered that the platforms which claimed to offer oil reproductions lacked quality, credibility & trust. This sparked the idea to build ReplicArt.

After years of vetting artists across the US, Europe and Asia, the team gathered only the most skilled painters to help create the ReplicArt vision.

Our canvases are created by highly skilled painters (“copyists”) who are able to mimic the exact colors and textures of our beloved Van Goghs, Monets, Vermeers and more.

Together, they offer a diverse range of talent, specializing in various art movements, making history's finest pieces available for all to enjoy.

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